Still, I wanna be free

A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
I’d like to have that
in a good way
I’m just so sick of the same issue coming back over and over
And it haunts me so much sometimes it hurts

"Is it wrong to need something so much it hurts?…. Cause fuck, I need you."

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Track: Club Soda (feat. Action Bronson)
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I want us to be free

For fuck’s sake, I want the capabilities to change things now 
Or at least the abilities to forge my own path without wavering anymore

I’m sick of minor setbacks that build up into huge ones

No more cowardice dammit

It feels nice and new to me

to be writing nice things about nice people

Specially when it’s stories and recollections about a specific person

So hard to sleep still though

The first “I love you”

The first time I told her that I love her, I was hesitant as fuck. I had never said it first before. It had only been three months since we talked and we’ve only ever seen each other over skype. How could I love someone I never met? It was during a Skype call too and the question was on my mind for a few days every time we skyped each other. Do I love her? She was always so different from the others. She would either always text back on time or apologize for her late replies and even go so far as to explain herself, without me asking! Being used to lateass responses or no responses at all, it was a huge miracle for me.

She was the exact opposite and never made me go through the bullshit games I had to deal and play along with when I thought I was in love for the first time. I really believed that she was an angel sent as an answer to all my past prayers of escaping the repetitive cycle of hell I was in. Who was she, and how could she be so unbelievably good? She was fucking real.

I tried calling my closest friend at the time to ask what to do but the dude was already sleeping. I panicked and already told her beforehand that I had something to tell her, so I had to say something. It got extremely hard to let it outta my mouth. “I… I… I…”, were the only words that could come out. We already established that we liked each other, but could we take it to the next level?

I finally flipped a fucking coin on it and I knew I had to say it after the results kept telling me, “do it motherfucker!”.

The first time I told her that I love her, was the first time I knew she had to be fucking it. Her reaction to it was the kinda reaction that I never thought in a million years could ever happen to anyone. It was fucking perfect and I can’t stress enough how happy we both got at the time. I still think about it from time to time.

Fast forward to the present, and we’re sixteen months strong. We’ve seen each other and made the things we said we were going to do, happen. There are no challenges, no boundaries, no tests, that we can’t handle.

The first time I told her that I love her ; it was 1:43 AM

Dreamt that I was transported 20 years into the future and had no means of going back
I lost everything 

I know that I will never find the same kind of happiness if I were to ever lose Cindy Hong. And it’s not the, “no shit, you wouldn’t have the same kind of happiness because everyone’s different” kind of happiness. It’s the kind of happiness that can only be found when I’ve met someone so fucking good to me that no one could ever treat me as good as she does. I absolutely can not fucking lose her. It’s because only she can give me that kind of feeling. No one else will ever come close to her level of purity and goodness. The kind that I need

R e s p e c t V . 2

As a sidenote, this goes out to all you bitches that disrespect me and my girlfriend’s relationship. She aint no soccer goal that you can conveniently score in, fuckfaces. She’s her own goalie motherfuckers and aint any of y’all scoring motherbitch!

I never believed in the saying “let love come to you” or however the hell the saying went, until I met and fell in love with my girlfriend based on an honest bored whim and a random lottery-based follow on tumblr

R e s p e c t

The word’s been on my mind for a while, and I want it for myself, as well as being able to give it to others as they give it to me. In terms of morals, I don’t give a shit about what other people wanna do with their lives nowadays, and how they wanna go about it. It’s their life. Of course, as long as it doesn’t involve inhumane bullshit that’d involve and hurt other people either.

However, if there’s any disrespect to my morals and personal life actions after I give them the respect for letting them do them, while I’m just doing me, then they deserve a fistful to the face. 

In basic terms, let me do me and I’ll let you do you

"Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life."

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